About Lure Masters

At Lure Masters Fishing Competition, we are passionate about promoting and celebrating fishing. Through the passion of fishing and the amazing sporting skills of our participants, we ensure excitement for thousands of fans all over Europe. As an international company, Lure Masters is so much more. Lure Masters organizes and manages various events related to sport fishing. We have strong relationships with television and digital media partners, generously supported by some of the best-known brands in the angling industry, enabling us to make a major contribution to the development of the European fishing scene, for which we are grateful and proud. 

Lure Masters Pike Sweden

We make a lasting contribution to the development of one of the most fascinating sports you can imagine. Fishing is so much more than catching fish. Experiencing nature, being by the water and taking responsibility for the positive development of biotopes and the positive development of biodiversity is a matter close to our hearts. Many anglers experience a carefree and happy time together with their families and friends on the water. Spending time together in nature has been proven to be a very good compensation for the strenuous challenges of everyday life. Thus, in our work, we not only support the positive social effects within the group of participants, but also the health aspects of all fans of fishing throughout Europe.