Everything for ultralight, finesse and streetfishing!

Well known supplier of tungsten products as well as the highest quality tackle for predator fishing, especially for finesse perch fishing technics!

Fisherino is providing prizes for the top 15 anglers of the competition with prizes of a total value of more than 3.000 € product value.

  • 1st Place: NOIKE limited Japanese Perch Rod (Mod. C610ML)
  • 2nd Place: Belly Boat Phantom 12bb
  • 3rd Place: Hearty Rise Valley Hunter 712ML Fishing Rod
  • 4th Place: Bullseye Surgeon Fishing Rod
  • 5th Place: Palms Molla Fishing Rod
  • 6th Place: Wiley X Contend Captive Polarized Sunglasses
  • 7th Place: Favorite Blue Bird Fishing Rod
  • 8th Place: 120 € Fisherino Shop Voucher
  • 9th Place: 120 € Fisherino Shop Voucher
  • 10th Place: 100 € Fisherino Shop Voucher
  • 11th Place: 90 € Fisherino Shop Voucher
  • 12th Place: 80 € Fisherino Shop Voucher
  • 13th Place: 70 € Fisherino Shop Voucher
  • 14th Place: 60 € Fisherino Shop Voucher
  • 15th Place: 50 € Fisherino Shop Voucher

All prizes are directly sponsored and shipped by Fisherino. Prizes are not tax free and anyone who is receiving prizes is responsible for the correct tax declaration.