Garmin Lure Masters Edition by Echolotzentrum

Garmin, Echolotzentrum Schlageter, and Lure Masters have collaborated to bring you a game-changing product: The Garmin Lure Masters Editions.

These specially pre-configured devices for predator fishing are the result of the expertise of the leading experts in their respective fields.

Fishfinder expert Thomas Schlageter and his team have preconfigured high-end Garmin fishfinder series (GPSMAP) and have embedded special predator fish settings into the device, making it easier than ever before for anglers to operate. By simply clicking on the desired fishing method on the screen, all the important parameters and settings are already pre-installed, making it a breeze to use.

The Lure Masters Editions are designed with the needs of predator fishers in mind and come with the following settings: Basic settings, Predator fish configuration, Vertical fishing, Jigging/Casting, Trolling, and Pelagic fishing. The term “Lure Masters Trophy” is synonymous with one of the most prestigious competitions in the predator fishing world, making this collaboration all the more exciting.

Keep an eye out for devices with these capabilities and attributes, as they are sure to revolutionize the way you fish! For more information, visit Echolotzentrum Schlageter.

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