Lure Masters excludes two anglers from competition

Lure Masters excludes two anglers from competition

Lure Masters admins have found two anglers violating the competition rules by reporting the same fishes for two different anglers within the currently running Riverfighters Community Cup Online Qualifier. This violation results in the exclusion of both anglers from the competition and from all Lure Masters competitions for the next three years.

It is a sad feeling to exclude someone from our tournament, but one of our principle is to offer fair conditions for all participants with the goal to elevate sport fishing in Europe. There is absolutely no room for any acts of cheating and therefore it was totally clear for us to ban these two anglers from Lure Masters competitions.

We want to remind everyone that we all have to follow a good sportsmanship and the responsibility towards other anglers, the fish and nature in order to professionalize sport fishin in Europe. We believe this is essential to take sport fishing to a professional level!

Timo Ruff & Christian Biereth, Lure Masters

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