Lure Masters Online Open

This is the Lure Masters Online Open

In January 2020, we took the helm of the Lure Masters fishing tournament to build something great on a very well established and well respected fishing competition that was already up and running for four years.

We made plans, we talked to sponsors, we designed a huge trophy, redesigned our CI and worked hard every day in order to run a great boat fishing event in September. Then something absolutely unexpected came in and put the world upside-down – COVID 19 – and unfortunately we had to postpone the Lure Masters 2020. It was the only decision we could take and, of course, we saw a lot of disappointed faces within our great fishing community.

We kept our head up, had more meetings and talked to more people to come up with a new idea: A fishing tournament for everybody who wants to compete against other anglers, no matter the age, experience, or skill level. A tournament that brings the joy of fishing in alignment with the possibility to rank against others and success being shown in a leaderboard and being rewarded with great prizes by our sponsors.

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Online Concept

The online concept of the Lure Masters Online Open enables all competitors to go fishing whenever they want during the tournament times and according to the tournament rules. Once a scorable fish is caught, the angler is taking 2 pictures (one on the measuring board and one of the angler with the fish) to be uploaded to the Lure Masters site. Once approved it will show up in the live ranking.

Different exciting formats

With the newly developed Lure Masters web-application, we are able to offer you a variety of different tournament formats. We will start off with some single angler, single species tournaments, but you can be sure there will also be some more special events for many different species coming in the near future.

Built in security

We have built in a lot of security features in our measuring concept with the Lure Masters Online Open Measuring boards, like f.e. a unique daily catch code. And beside our independant jury who is verifying each of the two submitted pictures, we have also build in some tech features to verify your catch.

Angler profiles

Lure Masters Anglers can create a free account which enables the user to not only join competitions, but also showcase the success in the profile card. While you can already display your sponsors, your favorite way to fish and so on, we are also implementing angler stats to display some interesting inside information about each competitor.

Let’s go!

Well, we could talk about tournament fishing for hours, but now it’s time for you to take action and create your Lure Masters Account, if you don’t have one already. Get your official measuring board and your ticket from our web shop – and then get ready for the first online fishing tournament that we hope you will enjoy! Tight Lines!

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