2023 Garmin Lure Masters Trophy announces exciting partnership with YETI

Altlussheim, Germany – The stage is set for an unparalleled fishing extravaganza as the 2023 Garmin Lure Masters Trophy proudly announces its collaboration with the renowned outdoor brand, YETI. The tournament, taking place from September 13th to 16th, is a highly anticipated multi-species fishing event, showcasing the finest anglers vying for the coveted title in Zander, Perch, and Pike categories.

The partnership with YETI, an iconic name in the outdoor industry, marks a significant milestone for the Lure Masters Trophy, amplifying the excitement and rewards for all participants. As sponsors of the event, YETI is set to elevate the tournament experience to new heights, promising unparalleled perks and top-of-the-line offerings.

Custom Design Lure Masters Trophy Drinkware:

In a gesture that epitomizes YETI’s commitment to both the competition and the anglers, each participant will be provided with exclusive, custom-designed Lure Masters Trophy drinkware. Crafted with YETI’s renowned precision and durability, these stylish accessories will keep the participants’ beverages at optimal temperatures, allowing them to focus entirely on the thrill of the chase.

Great Prizes for the Prize Table:

YETI’s association with the Lure Masters Trophy goes beyond just the drinkware. As a tribute to the angling spirit and to further motivate the competitors, YETI will be contributing a spectacular array of prizes to the tournament’s prize table. From high-performance coolers to cutting-edge outdoor gear, these prizes will not only reward the winners but also serve as a symbol of YETI’s unwavering support for the fishing community.

Speaking about the partnership, Christian Biereth, the esteemed organizer of the 2023 Garmin Lure Masters Trophy, expressed his excitement, “We are absolutely thrilled to have YETI on board as our sponsors. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and the outdoors aligns perfectly with the ethos of our tournament. The custom-designed drinkware and fantastic prizes will undoubtedly enhance the overall experience for our passionate anglers.”

YETI’s representative, Jake Drees, also shared his enthusiasm, stating, “YETI has always been deeply invested in celebrating outdoor enthusiasts and their pursuits. The Lure Masters Trophy embodies the spirit of adventure and camaraderie we deeply admire, making this partnership a natural fit. We look forward to witnessing the skill and determination of the competitors and are proud to be a part of this exceptional event.”

With YETI’s support, the 2023 Garmin Lure Masters Trophy is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of fishing tournaments, setting a new standard for excellence, sportsmanship, and camaraderie.

About the 2023 Garmin Lure Masters Trophy:

The Lure Masters Trophy is a premier multi-species fishing tournament held annually in Ooltgensplaat, Netherlands. Led by organizer Christian Biereth, this esteemed event attracts passionate anglers from across the globe to compete in three different bodies of water for Perch, Zander and Pike. The tournament stands out with its industry-leading live stream, which broadcasts the action-packed fishing battles to a broad fanbase, making the sport accessible and visible to all. With a core concept of promoting sportsmanship and camaraderie, the Lure Masters Trophy has become a symbol of excellence in angling, fostering a strong sense of community among participants and enthusiasts alike.

About YETI:

YETI is a renowned outdoor brand known for its premium gear designed to meet the demands of outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. With a focus on innovation, durability, and performance, YETI offers a diverse range of high-quality coolers, drinkware, bags, and other outdoor essentials. Their products have earned a loyal following for their ability to withstand extreme conditions and enhance outdoor experiences. YETI’s commitment to excellence and support for conservation initiatives makes them the ideal partner for the 2023 Garmin Lure Masters Trophy.

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