We kept fishing zones quiet for as long as possible, to give everybody the same chance during competition. Fishing zones are under reservation and can be changed by the organization at all time, when weather or other factors force us. The sequence in which we will fish the different lakes will be decided on a daily base, taking into account weather conditions.


We refer to the rules stated here, but to further exhibit the rules regarding fishing zones and forbidden zones:

  • Fishing maps shown here are to be used as reference only. Dutch Rules apply at all time
  • We followed official Dutch rules and marked all nature reserve areas and other forbidden zones like traffic lanes and main harbors red. These forbidden zones are marked on all lakes by buoys or wooden posts with signs. You are not allowed to enter these zones with your boat. If a referee sees you driving the boat in a forbidden zone, whether it’s one meter or fifthly, you will lose your biggest fish of that day and get a yellow card. No discussion possible. A second fault will result in disqualification.
  • You are allowed to cast into the red zones, but don’t push it, and stay clear from the outer boundaries of the forbidden zones. Play safe and fair.
  • You are not allowed to fish within 50 meters of any harbor entrance

Click on the maps below to open a larger version.




Regarding lake Volkerak, we were also surprised by “the ammount of red”, but we can only follow the rules. Make sure you stay outside the main traffic lane (marked by big red and green buoys) and outside the zones marked with buoys like the ones shown below. There are still plenty of weedbeds and structures left, it’s a big lake.

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