Lure Masters Trophy Lead Free

Lure Masters Trophy Lead-Free in 2021

Lure Masters Trophy lead-free

In May 2018 the Green Deal “Angling lead-free” was executed. This agreement among several Departments of State, the Union of Waterboards, Natuurmonumenten, a nature preservation organization, DIBEVO, the trade organisation for pet shops and the Dutch Angling Association “Sportvisserij Nederland” aim to gradually reduce and later ban the use of lead for angling purposes. During the next three years it is intended to reduce use of lead by 30% and after that period we will ban the use of lead completely, in the seven following years.

Lead is mostly used by anglers who need to cast their baits in order to keep it at a certain, stable place under water. At times lead is lost and waisted in waters. Lead is an environmentally undesired material, and in some circumstances poisonous for people and animals. That’s why for certain other purposes the use of lead is already prohibited, like in gasoline, paint, water pipes and hunting. In angling the use of lead sofar has not been prohibited.

A better environment starts with yourself 

The Dutch Angling Association promotes a clean water environment for quite some time. In that effort it is fair to say that lead does not belong in our waters. Sportvisserij Nederland and the associated regional angling associations have decided as a next step to find alternatives and to commence reduction of the use of lead. A widely known: a better environment starts with yourself! “Sportvisserij Zuidwest Nederland” (an angling federation in the South West of the Netherlands (South Holland, Zealand, and North Brabant with 220 angling associations and 160.000 anglers) decided to stimulate angling competitions on a lead-free basis.

Change of culture at all levels

Our aim, in cooperation with Sportvisserij Zuidwest Nederland, is to achieve a different way of thinking among anglers, not only at the Lure Masters Trophy, but also on other levels. It is therefore important that the fishing ambassadors endorse lead-free fishing. Of course, Sportvisserij Zuidwest Nederland and all partners of the Green Deal will work with producers, dealers and other companies to produce, distribute and sell lead-free fishing gear in order to achieve this cultural change. It is our intention to do this in a kind way; e.g. by informing, stimulating and reaching agreements instead of enforcement. It takes time to change the culture, but we believe that it will gradually be adopted. We at Lure Masters would like to make our contribution in collaboration with Sportvisserij Nederland.

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