Luremasters 2020 postponed due to COVID-19

There are only a few things that can force us to cancel the Luremasters – and one of them just became reality with the press conferences by the German and Belgian governments yesterday. Belgium, Germany and other countries have declared big parts of the Netherlads as risk areas, including South Holland where we were about to start the Luremasters in a week.
This means that participants, organizers, volunteers and freelancers are not advised to visit these areas and if they go, they have to go the process of a COVID test, quarantine etc. This will affect everyone involved in the tournament returning to their jobs, families and so on and so forth. We know that you all want be fishing the Luremasters and that probably a lot of you would also go through this process after the tournament – and we also can’t wait to get the Luremasters going.
However, we believe the only right decision in the given circumstances is to cancel the event as there are too many uncertainties for our participants and also for us as organizers. If we run an event for your it must be safe, fair and also fun.
Also we think it would not be the right signal for the fishing sport, and our partners supporting the event, if we would run the event considering most of the participants must go through the process of testing and quarantine.
All we can say for now is SORRY and that we have done everything we can to make the Luremasters happening. One of the very unlikely situations that could appear now became reality and we have to face it – there will be no Luremasters next week!
We will work on everything that needs to be done now and we will get back to you shortly with news and also with possible new dates for the Luremasters Open. We hope for your understanding in our decision making and we will be in touch shortly.

Until then – tight lines and stay safe!

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