2022 Garmin Lure Masters Trophy Champions

Team Pikemasters is taking the trophy

It was a breath taking 2022 Garmin Lure Masters Trophy edition from start to finish. While everyone had to face rough conditions to fish in, team Pikemasters was drawing starting number 20, which was putting them on Lake Haringvliet first.

While Haringvliet was fishing very difficult for zander, Pieter Boezel and Wouter Koese managed to find 8 zander with an average of 74,5 cm! That gave them even enough time to look for some perch, which they managed to find with 47 cm and 35 cm.

The second day was Hollands Diep, normally known as the most productive zander water, but also very good very big perch. Pieter and Wouter have proven differently and scored three pikes with 86 cm, 61 cm and 103 cm. A good standing for them after day 2, but far away from the top with an impressive score for Christoph Barra and Luca Tulimiero with 992 points after the second day, followed by the 2021 Champions Roy and Jeffrey Van Woesik.

Going into day 3 on Lake Volkerak (very good water for big pikes and perch), Pieter Boezel and Wouter Koese needed to catch better perch and ideally upgrade their pike as well.

Starting off with two improvements for the pikes, they decided to go for perch around 11:20 and just a few minutes they reported the first nice perch with 45 cm and continued fishing until they ran into a 120 cm pike while perch fishing. The best improvement for their pike score that they could have hoped for.

While the leaderboard was diasbled by the tournament organisation, Pieter and Wouter managed to catch 3 more important perch to place them on the very top of the leaderboard and make them the official 2022 Garmin Lure Masters Trophy Champions!

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